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SAN ANTONIO RACEWAY Basic ET Racing Rules Races are run under the year 2014 IHRA rules All cars are required to have working seat belts Drivers in all cars running 13.99 or quicker (8.59) are required to have a Snell approved helmet, 80, 85, 90 of SFI 31.1 or 31.2 specs All drivers are required to wear long pants and a tee shirt.  No tank tops are allowed A roll bar is required in cars running 11.49 or quicker (7.49) except for convertibles which are required to have a roll bar if running 13.99 (8.59) or quicker A drive shaft loop is required if the car runs 13.99 (8.59) or quicker with racing slicks or 12.99  (8.14) or quicker on street tires Roll cages are mandatory in cars running 9.99 (6.99) or quicker Drivers in cars running 9.99 (6.39) or quicker are required to wear a fire retardant jacket, pants and neck collar of SFI approved spec 3.2 A/5 Any car running 10.99 (6.99) or quicker is required to have a SFI approved harmonic balancer.  No stock balancers will be allowed Full all leathers are mandatory for the riders of motorcycles running 120 MPH or faster.  Leather boots or shoes above the ankle, leather jacket and leather gloves are mandatory  for the riders of all motorcycles Drivers of cars running 9.9 (6.39) or quicker are required to have a valid IHRA competition license Vehicles must have one functional tail light for night operations.  Flashing, blinking or  strobe lights will be fine Any car running 9.99 (6.39) or quicker which has a full roll cage is required to have a SFI approved window net No two steps, no throttle stops, no trans brakes and no delay boxes are permitted in the Sportsman eliminator All cars running 9.00 (6.39) or quicker must have chassis certifications.  Cars in the  Trophy eliminatory will be restricted to 13.00 or slower
 What are the classes and ET (Elapsed Time) breaks in the 1/4 mile Bracket program at San Antonio Raceway.  Box--  All run electronics class ( 7.99 & quicker (1/8 mile) No-Box --  All run class ( No ET break ) **Transbrakes, 2 step, air or electric shifters permitted *** NO Delay boxes, timer or RPM activated throttle stops allowed. Quick 8/16* -- 8 or 16 quickest qualified vehicles, electronics permitted Junior Dragster -- 7.90 and up ET, no electronics** *Motorcycles will run with cars in their appropriate Electronics or Non Electronics classes. Motorcycles must have full face helmet, leather jacket & "deadman" switch. Full all leathers are mandatory for the riders of motorcycles running 120 MPH or faster.  Leather boots or shoes above the ankle, leather jacket and leather gloves are mandatory  for the riders of all motorcycles  Do I have to purchase a license to race? A valid state drivers license is all that is required to run as quick as a 10-flat 1/4 mile ET, and a 6.40 1/8th mile ET.  Drivers running 9.99 and faster ET 1/4 mile or 6.49 ET 1/8th are required to have a valid IHRA "class D" competition license. More information about the IHRA license structure can be obtained from the IHRA rulebook or by contacting a track official. Visiting drivers with valid IHRA licenses are always honored. A license is required for racers competing in the Jr Dragster class (ages 8 thru 17 years in age). See Tech Person for license information. Most license applications can be completed at the track and on the same day.  What is courtesy staging? Courtesy Staging rules are in effect.  This means that the top pre-stage bulb must be on in each lane before either car can fully stage (turn on the bottom stage bulb).  If you do this incorrectly, you will be asked to back out once by the starter, then allowed to re-stage.  If you stage incorrectly again, you will be automatically disqualified.  If you have any questions about this, contact the tech officials for clarification (before you race).  What is Auto-stage / Auto-start? In the center of the tree between the pre-stage and stage bulbs is a  blue bulb. This bulb is turned on when the dial ins are correctly loaded into the computer and the tower is ready for you to make your run. Do NOT Stage your vehicle until this light is on. Once both racers are pre-staged, the starter and/or the tower arms the tree. When one racer fully stages, the other racer has 20 seconds to stage or the tree will go red for that racer and they will be disqualified. There is NO 2nd chance to stage once both racers have staged as the tree is committed and the Auto-start feature takes over. The tree is automatically activated after a 3 to 4 second delay after the last racer completely stages.  How do dial-ins work. Once time trials are completed and elimination rounds begin, you are required to have a dial-in ET on your vehicle You must have your dial-in clearly displayed on you vehicle before you leave the staging lanes. The dial-in should be in large print on the front window, the passenger side so that it can be clearly read from the tower. Once you are assigned your lane and advanced into the staging area, you are not allowed to change, darken, adjust, or alter your dial-in in any way. Doing so will result in disqualification. YOU are responsible for verifying that your dial-in has been entered into the computer correctly.  Your dial-in will be displayed on a display box just before the starting line and the scoreboard just past the finish line. If your dial-in is incorrect :  A.) do NOT stage your car, B.) alert a track official ( water box or starter ), and your dial-in will be corrected. Notice:  Dial-ins are your responsibility. Your action of staging the car indicates that you accept the dial-in as displayed by the computer.  Races WILL NOT be re-run if the dial-in is incorrect and you stage your car.  What should I know about doing burnouts. Only vehicles running in Electronics or Non Electronics classes dialed 7.99ET (1/8th mi.) or quicker are allowed to burn-out one (1) time across the starting line. Crossing the starting line twice, regardless of class/ET dialed, will also result in disqualification.  What are Buybacks? During the ET bracket program, there are buy-back entries into second round allowed in all classes except Quick. If you lose first round, and want to re-enter, go to the Ticket Booth at the pit entrance before second round is called to the staging lanes and register to buy-back into competition.  Anything else I should know about racing at San Antonio Raceway.  All vehicles must pass a technical and safety inspection prior to testing or making any runs. All track and safety rules will be strictly enforced. For clarifications or any questions concerning the rules check the IHRA rulebook, contact sar@sanantonioraceway.com or see a tech official in the Tech Area on the day of the event. Any racer or crew member that consumes, ingests, or otherwise uses any substance that may adversely affect the safety or integrity of the event will be disqualified. Intoxicated individuals will not be allowed in the staging lanes or anywhere on the track (burnout/safety equipment areas, etc.)  It is also at the track management’s discretion to disqualify any participant who’s conduct, behavior, and/or demeanor is such that they would operate a vehicle in a hazardous or un-sportsmanlike manner. All cars with slicks must have a helmet and drive shaft loop Down track timers/counters and stutter boxes are NOT ALLOWED in ANY class. There are no break cards or refunds.