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FACT SHEET Completed in January 2000, San Antonio Raceway is a multi-million dollar state of-the-art National Event 1/4 mile drag racing facility, owned and operated by the Cruz Family of San Antonio. San Antonio Raceway is located on Interstate 10 approximately 15 miles east of Loop 410 in Marion (San Antonio) Texas. San Antonio Raceway is an International Hot Rod Association sanctioned drag racing facility. The IHRA Special Events will draw approximately 100,000 race fans and the Divisional and Junior Dragster National events typically attract 35,000 to 50,000 people. The division 4 bracket finals attract over 500 race cars, along with drivers, families, crewmembers and fans from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and surrounding states. The Night Under Fire event will attract 30,000+ spectators. The Clash of the Titans events will be similarly attended. In addition to the larger events mentioned above, San Antonio Raceway will host big-money bracket races each month, with special booked-in shows to attract racers and spectators to this facility. These shows will include Top Fuel Dragsters, Nitro Funny Cars, Pro Stock Trucks, Pro Modifieds, Top Fuel Harley Motorcycles, Giant Wheelstanding Vehicles, and Jet Powered cars and trucks! Specialty races will be scheduled throughout the race season. (i.e., Ford only, Chevy only, Mopar only, Motorcycle only, Import only, etc.) San Antonio Raceway supports the youth of the community and will also run 1/8th mile, half scale junior dragster racing during the entire season. San Antonio Raceway also holds weekly Wednesday & Friday events, along with a Saturday “Midnight Madness” event held on a monthly basis. These events are aimed at encouraging racing to be held in a safe “racer friendly” venue, keeping illegal racing off the local streets. Drag racing fans enjoy active, self-reliant lifestyles. They develop strong loyalties to companies that support their favorite sport. And perhaps the most convincing element that can solidify an investment with San Antonio Raceway is the fact that drag racing fans earmark a portion of their income specifically for the purchase of sponsor products and services. These drag racing fans have extraordinarily strong propensity toward sponsor brand loyalty, which could make San Antonio Raceway one of the most powerful advertising tools in your advertising budget. Packages offered:  Trackside billboards (we offer a variety of sizes), Website ads, Series sponsorships and Event sponsorships.  Track Description The tower is 2 stories with 3 suites and a media room. There's aluminum bleachers with 13,000 seating capacity. The pits consist of 15 paved acres and 20 acres of additional non-paved pit area. Spectator parking consist of 20 acres for IH 10 for easy access. We have 10 staging lanes that lead to a 60' wide, 1/4 mile race track along with a 1/2 mile of shutdown. The first 600' of the track being concrete. Poured-in-place concrete wall on both sides of the track run from the burnout area to the last turn off road. On track VP Racing Fuel sponsored fuel station with all flavors of fuel as well as nitrous oxide and co2 filing equipment. Fully equipped EMT vehicle and fire truck on site. Bob's Burgers' Concession stand and souvenir trailer offering SAR and IHRA merchandise for added enjoyment to your racing experience. The track elevation is 600 feet above sea level. Track Map Tower Suites The premier location to see and feel the 300-mph earth-shaking excitement of professional IHRA drag racing. Suites are available for annual or multi-year lease.  Dimensions are 15' x 20' - Equipped with carpeting, refrigerator, air conditioning/heating units, public address speakers, seating for 20 guests. Clients may decorate to their own specifications. Capacity 20 guests.  10 suite passes provided for all San Antonio Raceway promoted events. Up to 10 additional passes may be purchased. Four on-site VIP parking passes for each major event, with the opportunity to purchase additional passes.  Housekeeping service available.  Catering & beverage services are available for purchase through San Antonio Raceway's designated vendors Advertising Signage 3’X 8’ or 4’X 8’ Fence Signs & Banners Will be placed throughout the facility in various locations. (YOUR CHOICE, first come, first served). Locations along Pitside or Spectator side of track will be exposed to 25,000 auto related fans per month, and 50,000 to 100,000 additional fans twice per year. Available on a per-event or annual basis. 2’X 8’ Retaining Wall Signs Available on Outside or Inside of Retaining walls. High Visibility from Grandstands on Both Sides of Race Track Space Available on STARTER’S BOX WALL (the most photographed area of the entire race facility!) 4’X 8’ Staging Lane Signs Will be placed beginning at the head of the staging lanes in full view of racers and fans as the race cars are waiting to enter the race surface. Ideal location to get your message out to race car owners and pit crews. 8’X 30’ Entry Sign San Antonio Raceways large double sided internally illuminated, marquee sign contains three layers. The sponsor  & San Antonio Raceway portion would measure 8’X30’ each, with a 3’ high message board below. San Antonio Raceway is located on highly traveled Interstate 10, between San Antonio & Houston, where approximately 75,000 to 100,000 cars pass by a day. Company name, associated with San Antonio Raceway will be vividly exposed to the incoming spectators and races. 4’X 10’ Pit Entrance Sign San Antonio Raceways Large Pit Entrance marquee sign is located at the Santa Clara Rd. entrance. The Sponsors  portion would be located under the S.A.R.'s marquee sign measuring 4 x 10. Company name, associated with San Antonio Raceway will be vividly exposed to the incoming spectators and racers. Finish Line Signs Currently available LEFT LANE & RIGHT LANE Each Lane Will be Identified As “The Sponsor’s Name” Lane (ex: The winner is in the IHRA Lane) Internally Illuminated – Your Company Name is Lit Up Any Time the Track Lights Are Operating. Both Signs Stand 20 feet high at the base – Visible from anywhere on the track, as well as a long Interstate 10. 14’X 25’ Grandstand Signs Posted 70 feet in the air over the main grandstand, this sign is visible from all locations on the facility, including traffic on local interstate 10. Advertising will be featured both trackside and pitside. 4’X 10’ Tower Signs Visible from ALL area’s of the facility. Front and Side Available to communicate your message to RACERS & FANS! 10' X 16' Sound Barrier Wall Available on Outside or Inside of Barrier walls. High Visibility from Grandstands on Both Sides of Race Track Just a sample of the caliber of cars that race at this facility. For additional information contact our marking representative at San Antonio Raceway 3641 S. Santa Clara Rd. Marion, Texas 78124-6006 Phone: (210)698-2310 (830)914-4646 Fax (830)420-2200 Email sar@sanantonioraceway.com
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